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Room 3 Says Rawr!

Each month, JUMP has a theme and the staff and kids all help decorate the classrooms. The month of March was themed "Dinosaurs" in all the JUMP Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms.

We are featuring Room 3's awesome decoration and activities from this month.

Room 3's classroom walls are decorated with some cool dinosaur cut outs and posters. There even are some dinosaur figurines and toys for the children to play with! Story times are filled with awesome dinosaur stories like "Never Ask A Dinosaur To Dinner".

This room isn't complete with out the help of the kids. The kids created finger paintings all featuring dinosaurs and are hung up in the classroom with pride. One of the art projects the preschoolers worked on was learning to write their names combined with "saurus" and decorating the top of the paper with different color spikes like the backs of dinosaurs.

Room 3 sure can roar loud!

From JUMP, with love.

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