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Ms. Jackie

Teaching experience:
Ms. Jackie has been in education over the past 20 years. She has worn many hats over the years from teaching infants, preschool, and kindergarten to being a director, and even a curriculum specialist. Her thorough understanding of the many ways that children learn, and to be able to provide the support to the teachers to implement Individual Reading Plans is invaluable.



Ms. Jackie loves crafting and spending time with my family. She is a mom to 3 of her own children ages 8-14. She has been married to her husband for 17 years. She loves the role as a Pastor's wife.

Message from Ms. Jackie:

Working at a Christian school makes me so happy, I get to share with the children the love of Jesus everyday. I love watching how children learn and grow and seeing their excitement when they understand something new. I have a passion for trying and implementing new ways of teaching for each child's different learning styles.


Ms. Juana
Infant/Toddler Teacher

Teaching experience:

Ms. Juana has been working continuously in completing my education in Child Development. In 2020 she received her Child Development Certificate from Cuyamaca College. She is also currently finishing her Associates Degree. She previously worked at JUMP Preschool in the toddler classroom and loved it. She believes that as teachers, our education never stops. She is always evolving and learning new ways to implement what she has learned into classrooms.


Ms. Juana is a proud mom of an 11 year old. Her son has Autism and he has taught her so much on unconditional love and how to see the world through the eyes of a child. She loves to be home with her son spending time together. They loves gardening together. She also loves animals. She enjoys being outside in nature, especially to feed her dogs, horses, chickens and cats.

Message from Ms. Juana:

Working in the infant and toddler room makes me remember the earlier days with my son. Being with those precious little ones reminds me that they are little sponges and it is my job to help provide loving care and comfort, all the while making our environment a fun place for them to be while away from their parents. As a parent myself, I love having the opportunity to create art the families can take home to save and remember a time when their child was so little.


Ms. Lauren
Infant/Toddler Teacher

Teaching experience:

Ms. Lauren has been teaching at JUMP Preschool since 2016. She has 25 early childhood units including infant and toddler development, all of which she draws from to create her wonderful curriculum. Her classroom is something to see, always bright and beautiful.


Ms. Lauren is a mom to a 2 yr old daughter and is happily married. So spending time with her family is most important to her. She also likes crafting, painting, listening to music, and being around nature

Message from Ms. Lauren:

I love creating activities for children to laugh and have fun with. I love being a part of the learning through play that we do each day. Play is an important key to infant development. Another thing I have a passion for is providing the infants in my class the opportunity to use all their senses in the activities we do. And last reading to them at every opportunity.


About Ms. Martha:


Ms. Martha


Ms. Alexis
Preschool Teacher

About Ms. Alexis:

Teaching experience: 

I am currently a full-time college student who is studying Psychology. For many years I have worked with kids in a variety of settings and my career goal is to become an elementary teacher! I believe education is of utmost importance in building the next generation of leaders. I am excited to join the team at JUMP Preschool! 



When I am not busy, I enjoy spending my time exploring new spots around the city. Whether it be a coffee shop or a location with scenic views, it is one of my favorite activities to do, especially with friends and family. I also like photography, reading, and serving at the church I have come to call home. 




I am excited to endeavor on this new journey! I want to invest in the little minds of this generation, and in their potential. To foster a fun and healthy learning environment centered on Christ! 



About Ms. Savannah:


Ms. Savannah


About Ms. Aylin:


Ms. Aylin





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