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JUMP Preschool is a faith-based Christian and academic literacy preschool program. We do not consider ourselves a daycare by any stretch. 

We believe that as the staff we are to lovingly care for and nurture our preschoolers while they are in our care. We strive to partner with parents so that they can confidently attend to work and other obligations while their children are busy learning each day through play, imagination, and our exceptional curriculum. 

We believe that early literacy is how that is achieved.


We have two important missions; the first is to instill in children that they are unique and special, that they are loved by their families, their teachers and most importantly by God.

Second is to prepare children for successful learning through primary school and beyond. 

Welcome to JUMP Preschool; Infant Center, Preschool, TK, and Private Kindergarten where we proudly teach pre-literacy and early literacy in all of our classes. Our curriculum and daily lesson plans are all about literacy and language. Books, stories, new vocabulary, letters, and communication are what we are all about!  Young children learn through imagination and play. When those two things are nurtured learning is wondrous and magical. At JUMP Preschool literature, language, and pre-reading skills are taught with imagination, play, and wonder!  Each month we use a different children's book to determine a theme. Then we use that story to enhance the classrooms and bring literacy to life. Every learning center is filled with new material for the current theme.  Books are read with props and enthusiasm. Puppets, finger plays, and storytelling are incorporated into the daily routine. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts during sharing time and throughout the day.  School success depends on the foundation of preceding skills. For children to do well in Kindergarten and beyond a strong foundation in early reading skills is paramount.  At JUMP Preschool we have a team who makes our program successful. Our curriculum expert holds a Master's degree in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction. Our director and assistant director prepare the classrooms for each theme, making literature come alive. Our teachers implement the curriculum and lovingly teach our children each day. There are 5 ways that young children become ready for reading: 1. Motivation To Read In order to learn, children need to be ready and have the motivation to read. At JUMP Preschool that’s what we are all about! 2. Language Skills Children need to have language skills before learning how to read so they can describe things and share their knowledge and ideas. Communication, new vocabulary, talking, and sharing thoughts and ideas are taught and encouraged all day at JUMP Preschool! 3. Concepts of Print In order to learn how to read, children must understand how books work, or "concepts of print". At JUMP Preschool children’s literature comes alive and children have a love for books! 4. Letter Knowledge Letter knowledge is understanding that the letters of the alphabet have different names and sounds. Beginning with their own names, to the names of their family and friends, and on to sight words JUMP Preschoolers learn all about letters! 5. Phonological Awareness Phonological Awareness is hearing and understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds. At JUMP Preschool we never teach the letters of the alphabet, the letters in their own names, or sight words without learning the sounds that go with those letters and words.  JUMP Preschool & Infant Center admits and does not discriminate against students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, and makes the same rights, privileges, programs and activities available to all students. We believe there is one God, in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby, was born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life. That He died on the cross and rose from the grave. We believe that he ascended into heaven, and that He sits at the right hand of God, but will return. We believe man was created in God’s image. We believe all are saved and are born again by faith by the blood of Jesus Christ and by accepting Him as Lord and Savior. The statement of faith does not exhaust the extent of our faith.  

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