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Welcome to JUMP Preschool. We are happy you found us. Please read a little about who we are. 

We are founded in the summer of 2008 by two teachers who together have been in the field of primary and early childhood education for more than 45 years. Our motivation to opening JUMP Preschool was to impact the community by providing a preschool program dedicated to quality and exceptional care for children 6 weeks - Transitional Kindergarten. 


We believe that the setting and the staff combined are the heart of a wonderful childcare enrichment program. 


Staff are hand selected for their experience, dedication and enthusiasm for teaching young children. We believe that the most important aspect of a quality early childhood program is to lovingly care for and nurture our preschoolers while they are in our care. We strive to partner with parents so that they can confidently attend to work, and other obligations while their children are busy playing, growing and learning each day. 


The setting being second to a wonderful teacher. The classroom that is filled with creative, natural and meaningful material will foster a child's imagination allowing learning to happen through play. Providing exceptional curriculum that is exciting, age appropriate, and purposeful, will give to new discoveries, developments and milestones. 


We'd love to give you a tour and answer your questions. We can be reached by phone and email. 


We accept all subsidy programs, military programs and offer some discounts.

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