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Working from Home


Q: When are you open?  

A: Monday-Friday  7:00 am-5:00pm


Q: What days are you closed?

A:  Closed all federal holidays, weekends, and three weeks per year. Closed half day on staff development days.


Q: What ages do you serve?

A: We serve ages 6 weeks-2 years in our Infant & Toddler program, 2-6 years  in our preschool program.


Q: Does JUMP accept subsidized childcare programs?

A: Yes, we do. We are contracted with The YMCA Alternative Payment Program, CDA (Child Development Association) The County Alternative Payment Program, NACCRRA (Military program), and Respite.


Q: What child-to-teacher ratios do you maintain?

A: We use an even better child-to-teacher ratio than Community Care Licensing requires. Ratio are 1:4 Infants/Toddlers and 1:12 Preschool-TK.

Q: Is JUMP Preschool Inc. a year-round program?

A: Yes, we are.


Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: You may fill out an online waiting list form and let us know your needs for child care.  Be sure to check in every month to let us know if you’re still interested or if any of your needs have changed. We will remove children off our waiting list if we haven’t heard from you in a year. We will call you as soon as a spot becomes available or even when we anticipate a spot.


Q: Are there any extra fees?

A: We require an annual registration fee of $150. A summer program fee of $50

Late pickup fees,  returned payments fees, and status changes.


Q: Are there resources to help lower child care costs?

A: You can visit this page for more information on options to help lower the cost of child care.



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